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Film Rules & FAQs


The City of Santa Clarita’s “Filming Policy” was established and enacted by the Santa Clarita City Council and is included as part of the Santa Clarita Municipal Code (Chapter 11.46).



Production companies filming in the City of Santa Clarita are required to abide by the General Filming Rules in addition to all Local, County and State rules, regulations and laws regarding filming.



Over the years the Santa Clarita Film Office has received a variety of inquiries from residents, businesses visitors and industry professionals.  Based on those questions we’ve put together a list of the most frequently asked questions and answers.  However, if you’ve got a question that’s not addressed below, just let us know.
You can reach us at (661) 284-1425 or

If I am on private property do I need to get a permit?
Yes, in most cases.  Unless you are shooting within a certified sound stage, you will still need a permit to shoot on private property.

How do I know if my project qualifies as a “student” project?
Student projects are exempt from some of the permit fees. To qualify as a “student” project you will need to use your school’s insurance.  You will also need a letter from the school stating that you are indeed a student that is currently enrolled in their school and that the project is part of a school/class requirement.  Please check our the Student Filmmakers section of our website for more information.

I received a notification about filming in my area.  What should I do if I have questions?
The letter or door hanger notification is your first resource for filming information.  The notification will give you a generalized idea of what to expect and who to contact.  If you have specific questions about the filming taking place you may call the Santa Clarita Film Office or the Location Manager.  The Location Manager is the best point of contact if you’ve got questions related to the specifics of filming, including parking questions.

I have concerns about a film shoot.  How do I resolve the issue/voice a concern?
If you have concerns related to filming it is best to call the Santa Clarita Film Office and/or speak directly with the Location Manager for the particular project.  Most issues can be resolved over the phone.  However, if you’d like to submit a formal letter, you may submit it to the Santa Clarita Film Office.

All concerns, whether shared on the phone or in writing, will be addressed to the best of our abilities.  We will do what we can to resolve any issues and are committed to helping prevent future reoccurrences.  Please remember that it is difficult to address concerns if we are not made aware of them.

How do I get my home or business used as a location for filming?
Location management companies actively promote filming at the locations their company represents.  A list of local location management companies is included on the Resource Library section of our website.  Click “Add Your Resource to our Library” and choose the “Location Services & Equipment” category and the “Location Libraries & Management” subcategory.

The Santa Clarita Film Office also offers an easy way for you to list your residence or business for free on our website under the Location Library section.  Click ‘Submit a Location to our Location Library’ and follow the simple instructions.  It is highly recommended that you include photos of your location.  You may also send us an email with your contact information, location address and description, and a few digital pictures and we’ll enter the listing for you.

How do I promote my business or myself to the film and entertainment industry?
The Santa Clarita Film Office offers an easy way to list your business for free on our website under the Resource Library section.  Click ‘Add Your Resource to our Library” and follow the simple instructions.  You may also send us an email with your contact information, business address and description, and we’ll enter the listing for you.

I want to change or delete my listing on your website.  How do I do that?
If you would like to delete or change any information you have provided for our web site, please send us an e-mail to detailing the title of the listing and the requested changes.  A member of our staff will make the changes in a timely manner and inform you of the revised listing.

Where can I find out what is filming in Santa Clarita?  What information can I get?
For safety and security reasons Film Office staff cannot release specific information about where productions are filming.  Any information that we can provide is posted on the Filmed in Santa Clarita section of our web site.

Can I watch on-location filming?
In most cases production companies close sets when shooting on location.  Crowds of on-lookers can create potential hazards for the production and the neighborhood in which they are working.  However, some productions may be open to viewers, but production may limit viewing to specific areas.  When in doubt, always check with a location crew member if you’re interested in observing.  However, be sure to wait until all filming has stopped before approaching crew, and as a general consideration, remember to be quiet and respectful while filming is in progress.

How can I be an extra?
Sometimes productions contact the Santa Clarita Film Office for assistance with identifying extras.  When that happens, we post the information on the Community Bulletins section of our website.

However most of the time extras are already selected by the time the production is shooting in Santa Clarita.  Many productions use casting companies, such as Central Casting in Burbank, for the hiring of extras.

How do I get a job in the Film Industry?  I work in the industry but I want to work locally.
The Santa Clarita Film Office does not obtain specific listings relative to available Santa Clarita area entertainment industry positions.  The California Film Commission lists several resources for finding entertainment industry related jobs on their website.  Many of the studios have job posting boards on their individual web pages.

How do I get a job with the Santa Clarita Film Office?
The Santa Clarita Film Office is part of the City of Santa Clarita.  All available positions are posted by the Human Resources department.  You may check out the job listings on the City’s webpage  There you may also sign up for weekly email notifications detailing available positions.  The City only accepts resumes and applications for positions that are currently open for recruitment and all applications must be submitted through Human Resources.

I’ve reviewed the entire web site and still have questions.
Give us a call at (661) 284-1425 or email us at  We’re here to help you, whether you have questions about the permit process, need location assistance, would like to share your concerns regarding filming or anything else filming related.

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