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The City of Santa Clarita is proudly home to some of the industry’s best productions and film businesses.
Here’s what the industry is saying about working in Santa Clarita.

 “Santa Clarita has put a lot of thought into attracting filming to this area.  With the incentive program, their permit office, the way they organize themselves, it truly is a film-friendly community.” – Mark Horowitz, Executive Producer, “NCIS”

“Santa Clarita is very film friendly.  We have great filming capabilities here because of our relationship with the city and the county.  It’s a great relationship – we provide some local income and Santa Clarita works very hard to make it rewarding for us.” – Charles Floyd Johnson, Executive Producer, “NCIS”

“People love to film in Santa Clarita.  I have worked in this industry for over 33 years, establishing relationships with every municipality in all major film states.  From New York to Chicago, San Diego and Florida, the Santa Clarita Valley is the friendliest city, bar none.  You just can’t compare how friendly this city is.  Our city council, businesses and residents are so supportive and they welcome the film industry with open arms.” – Mike DeLorenzo, President/Partner, Santa Clarita Studios

“In addition to being an ideal film location, Santa Clarita offered us convenience with its complete network of quality film businesses” – Mark V. Olsen, Executive Producer HBO “Big Love”

“…there’s a lot of support in the area and so many locations; we’ve got all the benefits of Hollywood [in Santa Clarita]” – Keiren Fisher, Senior Director of Production, Nickelodeon

“There’s woods and lakes and mountains and deserts and everything,” Shawn Ryan, executive producer of the TV show “The Unit,” said of Santa Clarita’s varied landscape. “So we’ve had episodes allegedly take place in Indonesia and Spain and all these different places, and we’re really able to pull that off because of the location of Santa Clarita,” Ryan said.

“We felt we could put a better show together [in Santa Clarita] than anywhere else, including casting, production and post-production. It was the best location” – Bob Lemchen, Senior Vice President of Productions, Fox Television Studios

“Filming in Santa Clarita offers amazing locations, an outstanding and friendly film office staff and many options for production vendors. Having our production company based in Santa Clarita allows us to develop relationships with the same people we are doing business with and increases our visibility in an ever-growing film community” – Chris B. Moore, Blue Cactus Pictures, Inc.

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